Security and Defense Solutions for Government and Businesses Operating in High-Risk Regions Worldwide.

Our Focus

Enhanced Security Professionals delivers security and defense solutions to government and business.   We provide our customers with the ability to remain focused on their operational goals, core mission objectives, and maintain business continuity while ESP negotiates the specific evolving threat paradigm and landscape.  Our company elevates organizational resiliency, operational security, and defense, all while enhancing the professional cohesion among its members and leadership.   We develop targeted collaborations with our strategic partners and academia which address evolving vulnerabilities and then implement incremental and sometimes transformational strategies.  Our solutions and strategies are intelligence-led to ensure government and businesses are prepared for a global crisis and various destabilizing forces.  ESP designs procedures and protocols for business continuity, soft target risk management, behavioral response to a crisis, workplace security challenges, counterterrorism, insider threats, threat actors, and industry preparedness.  Consultation and implementation consist of experts from government, industry, and forward-thinking academia. 

Protective Security Groups

C-Suite Executives

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HNWI / VIP Protection

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Business Continuity Consultation

Paradigm Shift in Preparedness

Insider Threat Risk Management

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The Evolving Threat Landscape

Enhanced Security Professionals | ESP is trusted globally to solve complex security issues for clients operating in unpredictable and challenging environments.  Our core mission is to prepare government, businesses, and organizations to safely operate in uncertain geopolitical marketplaces and high-risk regions around the world.

ESP implements the full scope of risk prevention and preparedness. Business continuity and resilience are the main focus of all security and defense solutions.  Company group cohesion and competency are implemented at all levels.

ESP protective services are utilized by businesses, C-Suite executives, Fortune 500 companies, government and private families.  Guidance is the Department of State Worldwide Protective Service Standards. 

Terrorism tactics, individual threat actors, and random violence which is driven by political narratives is on the rise.  Now, businesses and industries across a wide spectrum and in many regions have threats.