Travel safely and conduct business anywhere in the world with peace of mind and confidence.

Global Protective Services

ESP commands a full range of protective security services for a diverse list of clientele and businesses.  In today's unpredictable environment, clients have the possibility of encountering, kidnap for ransom schemes, political and civil unrest, terrorism, active assailants and natural disasters.  Our close protection professionals bring decades of experience safeguarding clients in many complex regions around the world.  Language and cultural competencies have enabled our teams to work internationally in the diplomatic and government arena. Protective services are tailored to each client and are discreet, low visibility in nature.  ESP enforces the safety and security of our clients by anticipating any emerging risks or challenges through intelligence-led vulnerability threat assessments.  We enable our clients to pursue business interests or enjoy personal travel confidently with secure transportation and GPS tracking for employees, families, and guests.  Protective officers are appropriately licensed for jurisdiction and possess verified credentials and training which are compliant with best practices and standards of the industry. 

  • Travel Security and Journey Risk Management

  • Security Surveillance Support - PSD PPD

  • GPS Tracking - Individuals, Groups, Guests

  • Secure Transport, Armored Mobility

  • Licensed and Experienced Professionals

  • Vulnerability Assessments and Solutions

  • Special Event Security and Reconnaissance

  • Travel Awareness and Defensive Training