Counter Disruptive Defense

Risks of personal assault, abduction, kidnap for ransom schemes and encountering a violent attack while traveling for leisure or business are very real.  Bad timing? Wrong place, wrong time? Inevitably, you should be fully prepared, persistently aware and have the proper skills and knowledge to react.  The fact is, you are ultimately responsible for your safety.​  ESP creates and delivers a client-based defense program for the physical defense space.  It is a multi-disciplined training approach for businesses and organizations that wish to safeguard their personnel from unknown threats.  Rehearsing actual scenarios and violent encounters, under supervised and structured stress factors during instruction, challenges all participants to develop the essential skills and survival mindset.  We additionally provide "fast track" training programs which are the "bare essentials" needed for last-minute travel itineraries, schedule changes in a meet-n-greet, unknown contacts and unfamiliar regions.  Existing security and safety programs can be upgraded and will stay aligned with the company's ethos, objectives and goals.

  • Multi-Disciplined Physical Defense Programs

  • Optimal Skill Progression Under Stress 

  • Weapons and Unarmed Defense Scenarios

  • Gender-Specific Training - Common Street Schemes

  • Situational Awareness and Threat Recognition

  • Fast Track, Bare Essentials for Last-Minute Changes

  • Security Staff Training and Development 

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