Government and Industry

Consultancy, Training and Design

Our cooperative capabilities within the private sector and a secure network of enduring partnerships enable ESP to effectively deliver a myriad of security and defense solutions.  Degrading and denying momentum to adversaries in complex battle spaces is accomplished through evolving agile solutions and training support.  Our consultants, instructors, and SMEs pursue organizational readiness while effectively managing multiple components and priorities on any sensitive project.

Interagency Force Training

ESP provides joint forces and government agencies support across multiple domains and complex environments.  This requires bespoke design and decisive implementation in order to tackle these unique mission-critical challenges. Our experience with contested regions and unpredictable timetables enable flexible training design options and pathways forward to support defensive and offensive operations.  The dominance of any battlespace is the main objective. 


Defense Industry Experts

Our consultants, instructors, and SME's implement new strategies and solutions from a myriad of new emerging technologies, commercial innovations, and modernization tools.  Disruptive technologies, drone solutions, augmented reality training,  eVTOL, Hyper Enabled Operator (HEO), CBRNe, and other dynamic support solutions effectively meet the challenge of future operations.  Contingency preparedness and development for various industries and businesses will meet the required commercial and governmental compliance standards. ​

Special Projects & Interoperability

Special mission profiles and sensitive high-risk projects are coordinated with experienced management, adaptable training, and support efficacy. A continuous flow of review for accuracy and the need for further development enables our teams to navigate any "thorny" unexpected encounters and delays. 

Interoperability across select agencies and forces is a priority when project-specific.  This is achieved through our experienced and vetted assignment leaders providing objective assessment, critical review, and various recommendations for all stated goals and outcomes.​


Partner Nation Forces

ESP Train and Advise operations to joint forces, host nations, or multinational partners are focused on stability operations, deterrence, and cooperation.  Experience in security force assistance (SFA) and security cooperation leverages knowledge and assets in order to create dominance in the battle space.  Our programs and activities develop coalition interoperability, strategic access, and regional stability.  

Partner and host nations are better prepared for short or longer-term conflicts with peer or near-peer adversaries. Our primary goal is to establish and maintain government relationships that build both partner capacities and capabilities. ​