Security Risk Management

ESP delivers security risk management solutions to businesses and governments worldwide.  Strategies and solutions provide business continuity and resilience with ongoing opportunities in high-risk marketplaces around the world. 

ESP protective security services are utilized by the government, Fortune 500 companies, C-Suite executives, public figures, and private families. 

Red Team Validations

Security Layer Penetration and Assurance

Providing Insider Threats to Team

Delivered by Industry Experts

Test and Validate Security Operations

Exploitation through Social Engineering

Validate Security Posture and Information

Determine Confidentiality and Weaknesses

Cost-Effective, Discreet, Adaptable Solutions

Protective Security Group

C-Suite executives, Public Figures

Business, Organizations, Industry

Protective Surveillance Security

Secure Transportation; Armored Mobility

Event Security, High Profile Occasions

Travel and Journey Risk Management

Corporate Crisis Coordination

International Protective Services

Superyacht Security Services Armed

In Port/Onshore Security Teams

Vessel Assessment and Hardening

Crew Security & Defense Training

Discreet PSD Presence Onboard

Bespoke Emergency Medical Training

Trusted Network of Maritime Partners

International Risk Management

C-Suite executives and Senior Management

Close Protective Services Globally

Secure Transportation; Armored Mobility

Commercial Site Security Management

Conference and Event Surveillance Security

Security Force Training & Development

Intelligence-led Threat Assessments

"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional, just wait until you hire an amateur." 

Professional Security Consultants

Licensed Consultants

Vast Experience

Strategic Partners


Our professional security consultants complete a strict background and credential verification process.  All have proper jurisdiction licensing and required experience for each assignment. 

ESP security professionals bring decades of experience in order to deliver effective client protection in anywhere in the world.  Government, Corporate, Public Figures, Maritime, International. 

Our trusted network of  U.S. and international security partners can also embed a personal security detail or security group into your travel itinerary or journey.  Secure mobility and transportation included.