ESP yacht security services identify and deter realistic threats of piracy at sea, onboard incidents and will optimally secure the vessel while in port.

Secure and Discreet

Superyacht and luxury vessel security often requires a discreet, low visibility presence in order to provide all passengers and VIP guests a comfortable non-intrusive experience while onboard.  Superyacht security services are provided at sea, while in port and onshore.  ESP maritime security officers have extensive experience working onboard many types of vessels and securing luxury vessels.  Our security officers are able to work within the cultural, language and social interactions of passengers while providing excellent world-class service.  Security officers and security teams may go ashore as a protective detail for the yacht crew and guests.  Maritime security officers are capable of coordinating emergency services should the need arise and experienced with law enforcement and port authorities. 

  • Vulnerability Assessment & Crisis Management

  • Maritime Security Services (discreetly armed)

  • Intelligence-led Analysis; Region Specific

  • Vessel Hardening Options; At Sea/In Port 

  • Onshore/In Port Security Teams and Surveillance

  • Crew Defense Training; Insider Threat Management

  • Planning/Coordination of LE & Medical Services