"Prevention is not and cannot be a passive process. It requires a strong and overt commitment by organizations and communities to prioritizing public safety and caretaking for those in need."  Source BAU NCAVC - Department of Justice FBI

Workplace Violence

Active prevention, appropriate knowledge and professional planning are the key strategies all businesses must implement as their duty to protect employees in the workplace.   Violence mitigation strategies require identifying common and unique behavioral factors in order to develop and design comprehensive protective measures and crisis management.  Our security consultants, advisors, and instructors provide in-depth knowledge of workplace safety enhancements, policy prevention and best practices.  Active shooters and assailants require an effective multi-option approach and proper staff training with simulation design.  Our trainers and instructors bring decades of experience across areas of law enforcement, investigations, behavioral studies and are accredited by standards certifications such as ASIS and SIA.

  • Workplace Violence, Active Shooter, Active Assailant

  • Simulations and Multi-Option Strategies

  • Professional Planning and Strategies.  Action Plan.

  • Role of HR and empowering employees to speak up.

  • Providing emergency medical equipment and training.

  • Identifying Signs, Precursors and Malicious Behavior Factors

Making Prevention A Reality; PDF 2015

Behavioral Analysis Unit—National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime Department of Justice FBI

 “Guidelines for Preventing Workplace Violence for Healthcare and Social Service Workers,” 2016. 

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