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Consultants, Advisors and SMEs

Global Expertise

We bring together unparalleled expertise from the government, military, law enforcement, and civilian sectors. Opportunities are available to those who have a steadfast dedication to a safer and secure world. ESP provides specialized services that require driven professionals who can navigate complex security, defense, and training environments.  Operational readiness and dedicated training support require reliability and adaptability by all team members for the success of our customers and our strategic partners. Integrity and dedication by all create this standard of excellence. 

Opportunity and Values

Our strongest asset at Enhanced Security Professionals is our highly talented and motivated professionals.  We welcome many fields of expertise, education, and experience.
We continually seek those with operational expertise across a wide range of environments and those who have the passion and knowledge to build lasting partnerships.  Sound business ethics, a good moral compass, and compliant legal standards are the cornerstone of our company.

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Moving People

General Qualifications

  • Must be a U.S. Citizen

  • Must have current/valid DL

  • High School Diploma Required

  • Honorable discharge verified by DD-214

  • Pass all background checks.

  • No felony/domestic violence convictions.

  • Recent recurring misdemeanors may disqualify.

  • Bachelor's, Master's, or verifiable equivalent experience 

  • Work in small teams and changing environments

  • Strong organizational skills to complete multiple priorities

  • Proven ability to work collaboratively, under pressure, tight deadlines

  • Problem-solving abilities working under pressure

  • Work independently with strong initiative

  • Willingness to travel if required

  • Possess Active Secret/TS/SCI security clearance

  • 4yrs. honorable MOS or AFSC as SOF, SWAT, MP

  • 4yrs. experience in Federal LE, First Responder, PSD operations

  • Commercial / Industrial Security Force service

DO NOT submit your identification credentials, Drivers License, SSN, DD214 or any federal contracting credentials.  

This step will be done upon request only.

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