• Able to pass background check (NCIC) and (eIDV)

  • Must have NO felony/domestic violence convictions.

  • Recent recurring misdemeanors may disqualify.

  • Valid driver's license and/or valid visa/passport.

  • Able to obtain appropriate government clearances.

  • MIL/GOV/LE, NATO and partner nations accepted.

  • Required certifications and licenses are able to be verified.


Our strongest asset at Enhanced Security Professionals is our highly talented and motivated professionals.  ESP is seeking individuals dedicated to professional integrity, specialists in their fields and those who embrace a challenge.   We welcome many fields of expertise, education, and experience.  Our ranks continue to grow with highly trained men and women committed to working competitive projects and challenging assignments while providing our trusted world-class services.  

Integrity  Dedication  Excellence

For over a decade, Enhanced Security Professionals has successfully delivered world-class protective services and expert-led defense solutions to government and business around the world.  Our effective strategies and adaptable solutions are provided in some of the most dangerous and complex operational environments.   ESP's dedication to safeguarding its clients and protecting business operations, assets, and personnel have furthered their success and business continuity in high-risk marketplaces.  Our core values of individual and corporate integrity, ethical leadership, and personal dedication give a deep assurance to those who depend on us no matter what the challenge or location.

Enhanced Security Professionals continues to be a trusted provider of security and defense training and critical operational support to the U.S. Government.  We have the privilege of providing mission-specific training and support for our nation's finest quiet professionals in some of the most demanding, hostile, and non-permissive regions around the globe.  Our unwavering dedication to supporting our nation's men and women in uniform, no matter what the mission statement, remains steadfast.