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Careers at ESP

Everyone hired for a federal contract assignment undergoes a basic background investigation of their criminal and credit histories to ensure that all employees are “reliable, trustworthy, of good conduct and character, and loyal to the United States.” All federal contracting positions that include access to sensitive information generally require a security clearance. The type of background investigation depends on the position’s requirements as well as the level of security clearance needed for the position. 

Military, Government, Industry Experts

Our strongest asset at Enhanced Security Professionals is our highly talented and motivated professionals.  ESP is seeking individuals dedicated to professional integrity, safeguarding our nation's citizens and especially those who embrace a challenge.   We welcome many fields of expertise, education, and experience.  Our company ranks continue to grow with highly trained men and women delivering standards of excellence and trusted world-class service during challenging assignments around the world.

Moving People

General Qualifications

  • Able to pass a background check (NCIC) and (eIDV)

  • Must have NO felony/domestic violence convictions.

  • Recent recurring misdemeanors may disqualify.

  • Valid driver's license and/or valid visa/passport.

  • Able to obtain appropriate government clearances.

  • MIL/GOV/LE, NATO and partner nations accepted.

  • Required certifications & licenses can be verified.